As Dancers, Timing is Important

To maintain a fun AND productive class environment, we will be strictly enforcing a ten minute cut off for students to enter class. It is hard for instructors to remain fun and positive when students arrive 15 to 20 minutes late to class, it really messes up the swing of things. In order to best facilitate this goal we are going to have Studio One open 30 minutes prior to class, ever day! This gives you extra time to practice, extra time to socialize, and an extra reason to show up early.

Starting November 1st, 2017 We will be updating our policy to a ten minute cut off time for students entering class. We request that students arrive a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes prior to class start times. We will be starting class according to schedule. If you have a long drive, please plan accordingly.

5:30pm Level 1 – Intro to Ballroom – taught by Gloria Hylton and Phil Serna
November, 2016 – Jitterbug
December, 2016 – Foxtrot
January, 2017 – American Tango
February, 2017 – Waltz
March, 2017 – Rhumba
April, 2017 – Cha Cha

6:30pm Level 2 – Bronze Ballroom – taught by Jon Taylor & Rachelle Irby
November, 2016 – Cha Cha
December, 2016 – East Coast Swing
January, 2017 – Foxtrot
February, 2017 – American Tango
March, 2017 – Waltz
April, 2017 – Rhumba
May, 2017 – Cha Cha

7:30pm Level 3 – Bronze Ballroom – taught by Jon Taylor & Rachelle Irby
November, 2016 – Hustle
December, 2016 – Cha Cha
January, 2016 – East Coast Swing
February, 2017 – Foxtrot
March, 2017 – American Tango
April, 2017 – Waltz
May, 2017 – Rhumba

8:30pm West Coast Swing Technique – taught by Megan Grandfield

6pm Ballroom Level 1 & 2
November, 2016 – Bachata
December, 2016 – Hustle
January, 2016 – Samba
February, 2017 – Night Club Two Step

7pm Salsa Level 1 – taught by John Piper
8pm Salsa Social Dance – Djed by John Piper

7pm Argentine Tango Level 1 – taught by Luke Scherba
7pm Argentine Tango Level 2 – taught by Sam Posey
8pm Argentine Tango Practica

7pm West Coast Swing Level 3 – taught by John Piper
8pm West Coast Swing Level 2 – taught by Megan Grandfield
8pm West Coast Swing Level 1 – taught by Gabe Muñoz and Kylee Zimmerman
9pm-Midnight West Coast Swing Social Dancing

Club Style Ballroom Dance
Lesson: 7-8pm $7
Dance: 8-11pm $7
$10 for both
Mixed Ballroom Lesson Rotation
December 16th, 2016 Samba
December 23rd, 2016 Bachata
December 30th, 2016 West Coast Swing
January 6th, 2017 American Tango
January 13th, 2017 Argentine Tango
January 20th, 2017 West Coast Swing

Open Floor Time every Saturday, 11am-1pm!
$5 for non-members, free for members

Saturdays (2nd Saturdays of the month)
Latin Dance Party
Lesson: 8-9pm $7
Dance: 9-12pm $7
$10 for both

Saturdays (3rd Saturdays of the month)
Country Dance Party
Lesson: 7pm-8pm $7
Dance: 8-10pm $7
$10 for both


707 Wall Street Chico, CA. 95928
(across from Shuberts Ice Cream and The Boys and Girls Club)
(530) 345-9465
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