Dear Studio One Dancers and Friends,

         The last few weeks have been overwhelming to say the least. Many of us have had great losses and our community will be forever altered. I have spent the last 40 days thinking, recovering and contemplating what to do next. I could not have predicted the impact this fire would have on me, my family, my 10 week old baby son and the community. After long and careful contemplation, I have come to a very difficult decision: I am, at this point in my personal life, no longer able to provide what it takes to keep Studio One open. This is a decision that comes with great sorrow and it is one I do not take lightly. It is not only my business, it is my identity, my circle of friends, my hobby and my livelihood. It will be a difficult time and a change I am not looking forward to. It is none the less, a decision I must make.
         Please join us in January for our normally scheduled classes and events. The Studio One staff and I value each of you and would love the opportunity to say farewell and dance with you one last time on our studio floor. Our last day will be Friday January 25th. Please join us for a final evening of Swing, Latin and Ballroom dancing. 

         We are arranging space to conduct private lessons for new and existing students. If you have purchased a private lesson, we have a great space to accommodate future private lessons and are excited to work with you! Please contact us at to make arrangements.

         For those who have monthly studio memberships, we will be turning off all auto payments after December 29th and any yearly pre-paid memberships will be pro rated and returned. 

         I cannot express how much these last 16 years in the dance business have meant to me and how much each of you have touched my life. It has been a joy to be able to experience and grow dancing with all of you. We have come a long way, and dancing in Chico is not over. I hope to now have time to see you all out dancing in the community and hope that each of you continues to pursue dancing in Chico and the surrounding areas.  

Luke Scherba
Studio One
Office: (530) 345-9465