Private Lessons in Partner Dancing

Private Lessons

One on one instruction is a highly effective way of learning dance. Through private lessons individual needs and skills can be address, enabling students to learn and progress far more rapidly than group classes. 


Private lessons are available seven days a week, starting as early as 6am and as late as 11pm (by appointment only). Each instructor has their own time availability and lessons can be schedule flexibly around the student's, instructor's and Studio's availability.

Private Lesson Rates:
    1 couple    (1 or 2 people)    $70
    2 couples (3 to 4 people)    $80
    3 couples (5 to 6 people)    $90
    4 couples (7 to 8 people)    $100
    5 couples (9 to 10 people)   $110
    11 or more people                 $10 per person


Luke Scherba & Kylee Scherba

Private Lesson Cancelation Policy

We require a 24 hour cancelation on all private lessons. Please call or text the day prior if you are in need of canceling or rescheduling. Private lessons that are not properly canceled will be charged at the normal rate. In the event that the studio needs to cancel or reschedule a lesson with less than a 24 hour notice, your next private lesson is FREE!

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