Studio One Staff

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Luke Scherba

Owner of Studio One
Ballroom Dance Studio June 2006 – Present

Office: 530-345-9465
Cell: 530-520-9289

John-Mark Mamalakis

John-Mark started social partner dancing in 2011. Having had no prior experience or training, the only thing that had kept him from dancing before was the thought that he had two left feet. At first just a social dancer for the fun of it, John-Mark soon got involved with becoming a teaching assistant at CSU Chico and now teaches dance classes on his own. This love for dance in all its forms soon grew to include competing in International Standard Ballroom and being a DJ for studio dances. Now John-Mark travels to Country and West Coast Swing dance events for both social dancing and competitive dancing these events provide. Besides the important social aspects of dancing, John-Mark also believes in the benefits of the vigorous and complex nature that dance brings with it. Benefits that lead to a long and healthy life. Of all the dances that John-Mark knows, he particularly enjoys the power and elegance of the ballroom dances like Foxtrot, Waltz, Quickstep, and Tango. Though just as often you will find him dancing West Coast Swing, Nightclub 2 Step, and Country 2 Step.  


Layla Ray

OFFICE: 530-345-9465
Emaill: Layla@StudioOneBallroom.vcom


Megan Grandfield