Dance Schedule

Studio One stands to provide a safe, fun, and positive alternative through dance and arts. Our classes are broken into three types: drop-in group class, group progressive series classes and private lessons. All of which do not require a partner and our level 1 classes require no previous experience!

We are trying a new visual format and are in the process of updating our online calendar as of August, 14th, 2017 Please also view out "Weekly Schedule" listed below the calendar.


As Dancers, Timing is Important

To maintain a fun AND productive class environment, we will be strictly enforcing a 10 minute cut off for students to enter class. It is hard for instructors to remain fun and positive when students arrive 15 to 20 minutes late to class, it really messes up the swing of things. In order to best facilitate this goal we are going to have Studio One open 30 minutes prior to class, every day! This gives you extra time to practice, extra time to socialize, and an extra reason to show up early.

We request that students arrive a minimum of 10 to 15 minutes prior to class start times. We will be starting class according to schedule. If you have a long drive, please plan accordingly.


Group Drop-in Classes

Drop-in classes are exciting weekly classes that allow the student the flexibility to attend class week to week. Each week we work on something new, however, the class doesn't require the knowledge of the previous week. 

Group Progressive Series Classes

Progressive classes are four to five-week classes that run for a calendar month. Each week builds from the knowledge from the previous week. The Monday class starts on the first Monday of that month, the Tuesday class on the first Tuesday of the month, and so on.

Private Lessons

One-on-one instruction is a highly effective way of learning dance. Individual needs and skills can be addressed. 

Level 1: Our level 1 classes are a fun way to learn the dance, meet new people and get exposed to the idea of a dance studio. There is no pressure and everyone is welcome!

Level 2: Our Level 2 classes strive to take students beyond the basics. As we refine dancers' skills, an increased level of self-accomplishment and joy comes from the social interaction. We encourage dancers to step out and push themselves to grow and improve.

Level 3: Our level 3 classes require a level of seriousness. We focus more on technique and introduce advanced moves and styling that require practice. 

Level 4: With level 4 classes we get very technical. We realize not everyone dreams of being a professional dancer, but for those who wish to reach for the stars we are here to teach you.